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Registration Form 2024

Registration Form 2024,today I made you Nahal women understand that we have come after getting the survey done, so we have been Nahal, now we have to do the survey again for two years, so how can we be free, what work should we do so that Today I will tell you the method. Those who are women, by doing one thing again within two years, they can become a woman. I am talking about this with confirmation. Apart from this, the training of your children will also be done in the vaginal area. Your children are also studying in the same school but the other child who is studying with your child is

Talimi Wazifa

Registration Form 2024,You have vagina but your child is not getting the Talimi wazifa, what could be the reason for it, rest of the Eid program will be one, will the other be able to get the installment even after Eid and the rest, in the end, I will tell you about those who commented to me and I will take some questions from them and some from theirs. I will thank you. First of all, let me tell you that one morning I received a message from Ahmed Bhatti that brother, if I take installment after Eid, I will get it. Yes, you will definitely get it. If you want to take installment even after Eid, then you will have to. That installment will be paid. Okay, now I am leaving. Ladies.They understand that we have a house on rent, we have children, their farm is also built, so how can we be alone. Today the story of a woman came,I will not be able to tell you the voice message that came from him, but the thank you message here or its, I will tell you what you have to do for it. Today it is approximately 2:2 minutes, Monday is Monday and the date is 8th April.

Money is Coming

Registration Form 2024 and Roza is 28th today so what you have to do is first of all you have to get the roster updated, now you must be understanding what that roster update is, second I will tell you the issue today, okay it will be beneficial for you but you have to listen to me. It is true that I am speaking publicly, no one is speaking on my own behalf. If you understand that you are the one and you have been taken for granted and you also have children and they have also been made anonymous, still you understand. These women do not even know that money is coming from outside, their bank accounts are made in their name.

Bank Account

Registration Form 2024,Someone else is using it. Keep all these things in your mind. If these things are there, then you will not get any benefit. If these things are not yours, you do not have a bank account, you are not getting any money from outside, you are not getting any money from anyone. You are not a filer, your name registration has not expired, it got fixed in a few days or you have not taken any loan, then you have to follow these things, if you do not complete these things then your SIM will not be sent. Someone else might be using the gas and easy money would be created on top of that and that balance

Children in Nadra

Registration Form 2024,If you are using it more then still it will not be of any benefit to you. If you don’t have anything in it then you should implement this thing. Today I got a call from a woman saying that brother, I have a house on rent. I have five rupees. I have children and I am very poor, the children are also small but when I went to get the survey done, they told me that now my survey will be done in 2025. One more thing was added to it in between, that brother, I have five children but I have three children. See, from there he made a mistake, now there is no record of his two children in Nadra.

Entry in Nadra

If there is no entry in Nadra, it means that your children are three, not five. In your eyes, there are five. There is no doubt about it, but the government looks at your speech, it does not look at your language. The government has to take the decision as per the records. This happens when there are three children, then for some reason he must have been weaned. If there were five, his PMT would have gone down further. It is possible that his PMT may have gone up by a few points. So what should he do now? This video is especially for him. First two children will be named Befam, there will be five children and then roster update will be done.

Re-surveyed Again

Karwala, if you get your roster updated, you will be re-surveyed again, your PMT will go below that and you will be locked out,this has happened to many children, let me talk about these days, who called me and told me, brother. Our roster has been updated and after we have updated the roster, now don’t lie first. Now check the address. This is what I am saying with faith. If I am a liar, then may Allah curse me. 

Registration Form 2024
Registration Form 2024

Mobile Number

Registration Form 2024,I got a call and he told me that brother, I have done this and it is mine, I do not speak on my behalf, okay, if your home address is changed, then get it done, if the mobile number is changed, then get the roster done. Get it updated but inside Nadra, everything should be specifically recorded for the children and also keep the father-in-law along, if they are added together then you will benefit, they will remain alone, neither will you benefit nor they will benefit, so if you want to take benefit along with them. You have to keep your father-in-law along. Secondly, if you understand that the dress of our house

Educating Children

Yes, above 81K, you can also send a message once, apart from roster update, once if you get your children’s birth certificate made, children’s birth form made, the children remain yours and later they are his.If you become disrespectful or the survey is done first then you can message above 81 71 once, not twice, thrice, just understand that when you send a message above 81, that will also be your survey, you will become L at any time, this is the method. Is there any other way to become L other than this? It’s okay, now I’m leaving. It’s a matter of educating children, those women say that brother.

Children who are Studying

Registration Form 2024,Our children have not received education from their wives, other children have also received education, what is the issue of this, this is also an issue of one woman, it is not just one issue of many women, this is an issue of many women, many women will agree with this that brother, if this has happened to you, your children. If the children who are studying in your school are not coming, if other children are coming in the school, then it means that the record or attendance of your children is not being completed or there is a problem in the slip. The registration of children in the slip is not written correctly. Is there any issue with school registration?

Name of NADRA

Get your issue resolved again. The name of the parents should match with the name of NADRA. The name of the child should match with the name of NADRA. The records on the slip should be the same as the records of the school which are in the government’s records. It is as per the records, otherwise you will keep watching and your children will not come. You have Benazir’s office close by, go there and ask her the problem, brother, what is the problem, why is our money not coming, why is our children not getting their money? If you are coming then the remaining thing is that those who have got the EDI program have got it if their account is

Get this Installment

If the installment has come, then you can take it even after Eid. You can take it now. Today is Suvar, tomorrow is Tuesday. This office will be open for two days. Office will not be open on Wednesday because Eid can also be on 29th, hence Monday and Tuesday today. It’s Monday, tomorrow is Tuesday, you can take it till tomorrow otherwise you will get this installment only after Eid or whatever your Eid etc. has come, it will be given to you later. Okay, yes, this was an important thing, now I am leaving. messaged me and I want to thank them Sufiyan hai ji Sufiyan hai Tiger su tell me some other way I am veryI am worried, Allah has sent you in the form of an angel. Can I help you? Yes, I have told you about the children’s money. Sufiyan Tiger is fine. Yes, this is Sobia Faran. My mother’s registration is now in February 2024. 2000 Now check the address Aachar ji, wait, if none of your mother’s children are married, all the children are married, then it means that even if you get it done, it will not be beneficial. Children should be unmarried and below 18 years of age. They should be cured if the son is above 18 years of age.

HBL Connect.

Still you will be bathed, it’s okay, yes, this is my mother, Master, very kind, this is yes. Alhamdulillah, what is this? Yes, Alhamdulillah, sweet family, Assalam alekum brother, the stipends for two children have come, not for three. You are telling me that the stipends have arrived. If two have come and three have not come, then they will also come, there is no issue, there is no issue, if the school has not been converted, then there is no issue, they will also come, this is a music library, the money has come but we do not know where. You will get money from these Habib retailers, those with shops and those with HBL Connect.

Survey Done

Yes, assalam aslam ji, I am a user. Yes, your program is very good. Yes, sir, you are very kind. Saajiya ma’av. Yes, you are very kind. You watch my videos with interest. Yes, this is very good. Yes, it is very kind. Yes, it is Mohammad Shahzad. Yes, brother, I got the survey done. Yes, I have tapped the code of 938. Yes, the code of 938 will open. Yes, if you are eligible, then it is fine. Yes, my children’s scholarships have not come. They came in June, they have not come yet. Yes, children’s scholarships will come. Don’t take tension. Nam Khan ji, you are very kind, Naseem Khan ji, Juned is there, Juned Sheikh, Salaam Bhai, 98’s error is 938’s.

Drug Addiction

The error will be opened, yours inshallah, the lock ji, apart from this, yes, Rahmatullah ji, you are very kind, Ghulam Mustafa ji, you are very kind, Abdullah is Rajput Loggers, yes, you are very kind, Farhan, what is your name, Farhan is Qurban, you are very kind, apart from this, you are very kind, Salma, the wife, what is written? Salama, Salama, what a wife, what is this? It is very kind. He had asked about the labor card. I have made a video on the labor card. You can watch my video on my channel. Yes, Mohammad Latif is the problem. Our problem is drug injection. Drug addiction. In

Nashonuma Program

Registration Form 2024,I don’t take injections. The program with injections is the Agosh program. It is a program of Punjab which is like a drug. The Nashonuma program is different in the entire Pakistan. The Agosh program is different. Miss Gunas ji, you are very kind. #Thank you very much. Mohammad Ahmed Noor is very kind. Very kind, Mehar Khan, very kind, Tauheed Subhan, very kind, Uzman Chattha, very kind, Malak Nadeem, very kind, Preeti Dol, very kind, I am from Sargodha, yes, yes, Shani Mushtaq, very kind, yours, Mohammad Jameel Sahib, very kind, M. Wasim, very kind. Okay, this is Rana Sadaqat.

Benazir’s Office.

Registration Form 2024,Brother, the message of our children’s scholarship had arrived two months ago. Money is not showing in our account. Please tell me a little about it. If it is done for your children, then you will get the message that the children’s scholarship has also arrived from 3rd April. If you have not received the message, you can also inquire by calling 0826 7 and you can also contact Benazir’s office.You can also check it from the nearest office. Yes sir, this is Ahmed Ali ji brother, I have achieved my second kiss. Haad Ali ji brother, I have achieved the second kiss in March but did not get the scholarship for the children. 4th September.

Children’s Scholarship

Registration Form 2024,Please tell me when will I get my children’s scholarship. See if your children’s Hajiya has been checked, your children’s slip is fine, children’s school is fine, then wait, yours will definitely come. Along with your children, other children have come and your children have not come, then it means that there is a problem inside the slip. Yes, Qazi Gufar Saheb, very kind sir, it is fine. Yes, very kind Kazi Gufar Saheb, you shared my video. It’s your love brother, okay sir, Malak Sajawal ji, whose message is it?

Offices are Open

Registration Form 2024,If you do not come then you can go to the retailer shop and find out. Is it okay on the day of Eid, not on Eid, the offices are open on Eid, it is a holiday, when there is a government holiday, then the offices will be closed on that day. Okay, I am very worried. Yes Mohammad Ahmed ji, may Allah remove your problems Sir Muzaffar Hussain Sir, only one scholarship has been given for the children, not double, someone has come double, someone has come single, it is ok Irshad Hussain, sir, it is very kind, Sunny Khan, it is very kind, Aalim Aalim Salala know. No, how are you, ji Masha Ali Mashallah, very kind, from Rawalpindi, ji Ali Mashallah,

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