Announced By Government Last Day For Registration In Punjab Bikes Scheme

Registration In Punjab Bikes Scheme

Today is the closing day to whole the registration for the Punjab Bikes scheme launched via the Punjab government. For college students who have no longer but finished their registration, this is the final hazard for them to do so. To remind you, let me inform you that this scheme used to be launched by way of the Punjab authorities recently. The Punjab authorities had determined to distribute petrol and electric powered bikes amongst 20 thousand college students beneath this scheme. For which the registration system was once ongoing, and now the registration procedure is ending.

Because the cut-off date for finishing the registration via the Punjab authorities was once April 29,. Therefore, this article is for these college students who have now not but carried out their registration and choose to entire their registration. Let me inform such college students once more that nowadays is the final date to entire the registration. Students who desire to whole their registration can do so earlier than 12:00 PM. Free bikes Scheme

Registration Data So Far

If I inform you about the information so far, a whole of 1 lakh and 62,000 male and woman college students have opened their debts via going to the portal mounted by using the Punjab government. Out of the college students who have opened these accounts, 48,000 college students have submitted their applications. If we discuss about the college students who have submitted these applications, then a complete of 38 thousand college students have utilized for the petrol bike. And if we speak about electric powered bike applications, so far, about ten thousand college students have submitted their functions to get electric powered bikes. Registration of Punjab Bikes Scheme

Registration In Punjab Bikes Scheme
Registration In Punjab Bikes Scheme

How to Complete Registration?

For these college students who have now not been capable to entire their registration yet, I am describing the entire system for registration here. Such college students can entire their registration system through following the furnished procedure. Students who want to whole the registration can go to the legit portal installed by means of the authorities with the assist of the given link: After going to the portal, such college students have to register their account first. As quickly as they register their account, they can then observe for their bikes.

Let me inform you that nowadays is the closing day to whole the registration. And aside from this, there is no different technique to entire the registration. Therefore, these college students who entire their registration nowadays will be capable to be a part of this scheme. How to Apply Online for Maryam Nawaz 20000 Punjab Bike Scheme

Eligibility Criteria

This is the fine chance for students throughout the province to reap their very own transportation.

The following stipulations apply:

The applicant have to be 18 years of age or older. Good News: Government of Punjab’s Electric Bike Scheme

The applicant need to be a normal pupil at an HEC-recognized university or university.

The applicant should maintain a legitimate motorbike learner’s allow or driver’s license.

Applicant need to have Pakistani Computerized Identity Card.

In case of a excessive quantity of requests, precedence will be given to eligible candidates. (Terms and prerequisites apply)“ Required Documents For Punjab Bike Scheme

Quota for male & lady students

A complete of 1,000 electric powered bikes have been allotted below the first section of the scheme. Out of which, seven hundred electric powered bikes will be furnished for male college students and 300 electric powered bikes will be supplied for girl students. Similarly, a whole of 19,000 petrol bikes have been allotted inside the first phase, of which 11,676 will be for male college students and 7,324 for lady students.

These bikes will be furnished to college students reading in universities and graduate faculties in the 5 cities of Lahore, Rawalpindi, Faisalabad, Multan, and Bahawalpur. Students domiciled in provinces or territories different than Punjab can observe for e-bikes solely if they are reading at any graduate university or college in the above 5 cities. However, maintaining in view the populace distribution as per the 2023 census, the distribution of petrol bikes will be finished on a district-wise groundwork inside Punjab. Announcement of Due Date for Punjab e-Bike Scheme 2024

Registration In Punjab Bikes Scheme
Registration In Punjab Bikes Scheme

Final Words

For such college students who desired to whole their registration for the Punjab Bikes Scheme, the cause of this article was once to inform such college students about the final date to whole their registration. In this article, such college students have been advised that these days is the closing date to whole the registration. Therefore, college students who favor to entire their registration ought to entire their registration today.

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