Latest News Benazir Kafalat Program – Eligibility and Registration Process

Registration Process

Registration Process,the first thing is the update, so I have the update, on which date it will be available, I will tell you along with this, with reference to the ration program, Now after hearing from me, everyone will start watching because we give the update which comes from the government. First I would like to tell you that you are watching the video on the side. It’s been about a week or three or four days since I started.Of all the people, I will tell you about it. Let me tell you the solution to the problem, it will be easy for me too, thanks a lot viewers, let’s go to the updates regarding the ration program. Many of you viewers are asking when it will start, so this is what it is, it is a Ramzan relief package. There is a Ramadan relief package with Madarat, it will start in Ramadan, if any way is found before that.

Received The Messages

If so then stay connected with this channel only here you will get it but those who have got their survey done and are asking whether they will get this 00500 or not, brother, this is Munsar’s policy on survey that if you take the survey again then you will get money. If you keep going otherwise it will be closed then this danger also exists. For those who have received the messages, it is mandatory for them to get the survey done before those dates. This time the government has not given any relaxation in Dynamic. Okay, after this, installment of ₹ 10 500. It was supposed to start from 18th February, people are getting messages for 29th February and now also for 31st March.

Registration Process
Registration Process

Last Date

We are coming but the last date is 30th June 2024, everyone knows that please like the video and subscribe to the channel. Send as many questions as possible brother. Now I am not going to leave any comment from you. I have told you. Okay, the next one is this. 0500 will start in the first week of March but I was remembering one thing which was that if the people who are getting the survey done do not stop receiving their money then it is okay or it will stop again. The decision on whether Ahaliya will be merely Ahal or Nahal will be taken in July 2024, so viewers will see.

Correct Updates

He says that this news is good, it is true, it should not be like this, others lie, it is the same thing, if one fish is dirty, it makes the whole pond dirty. See, if I am right, then let me be right, those who are wrong, If those people whose updates are not correct then you speak against them and it is your right to speak. The second thing is that if those people give wrong updates, you listen to their video once and listen twice to the one who speaks wrong and whose updates are not correct. You should listen to it and listen to it wherever you get the correct updates and also see that

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