Good News Registration Process for Punjab ‘Himat’ and ‘Nigheban’ Cards for Special Persons in Pakistan 2024

Registration Process for Punjab ‘Himat’

In Pakistan, the Punjab government has introduced the’ Himat’ and’ Nigheban’ cards to give support and installations to special persons. These cards aim to empower individualities with disabilities by offering colorful benefits and services. This comprehensive companion will walk you through the registration process for Punjab ‘Himat’ and ‘Nigheban’ benefits, and constantly ask questions related to these cards. Read: Checking Your Eligibility for the BISP

Punjab ‘Himat’ and ‘Nigheban’ Cards Overview   

  • Himat’ Card: This card is designed to give fiscal  backing to persons with disabilities. It offers a yearly paycheck to help them meet their  introductory  requirements and ameliorate their quality of life.  
  • Nihgaban’ Card: The’ Nihgaban’ card is  concentrated on mobility and availability. It provides free transportation services to  individualities with disabilities, enabling them to travel more singly and share in colorful conditioning.  
  • Registration Process for Punjab ‘Himat’
    Registration Process for Punjab ‘Himat’

Registration Process for Punjab ‘Himat’ and ‘Nigheban’ Cards

Eligibility Criteria   

Before pacing with the enrollment process, it’s essential to ensure that you meet the eligibility criteria for these cards. The criteria generally include.  Read: Aurat Foundation Program

  • Proof of Disability: A medical  instrument  attesting the disability.  
  • Proof of Residence: Valid  hearthstone  evidence in Punjab.  
  • Income Criteria: The aspirant’s income should fall below a certain threshold,  icing the support reaches those in need.  

Step- by- Step Registration Process for Punjab ‘Himat’ and ‘Nigheban’ Cards   

It is a step- by- step companion to the registration process for Punjab ‘Himat’ and ‘Nigheban’ cards.

1:Document Verification 

  • Gather all necessary documents including  
  • CNIC( Computerized National Identity Card)  
  • Disability Certificate  
  • Proof of Residence  

2:Application Form 

  • Gain the operation form from designated centers or online doors.  

3:Fill out the Form 

  • Give accurate information in the operation form.  

4:Attach Documents 

  • Attach the needed documents along with the form.  


  • Submit the completed form and documents to the designated office or online gate.  


  • Your operation will suffer verification to ensure delicacy and eligibility.  


  • Upon blessing, you’ll be issued either the’ Himat’ or’ Nihgaban’ card grounded on your eligibility.  Read: BISP PMT Score Program 

Benefits of ‘Himat’ and ‘Nigheban’ Cards  

  • Fiscal Assistance: The’ Himat’ card provides a yearly paycheck, helping individualities with disabilities cover their introductory charges.  
  • Free Transportation: With the’ Nigheban’ card, heirs can use free transportation services, making it easier to move around the megacity.  
  • Commission: These cards empower individualities with disabilities to lead  further independent and fulfilling lives.  
  • Inclusivity: The cards promote inclusivity by furnishing support and  coffers to those who need it the most.  

Table: Comparison of ‘Himat’ and ‘Nigheban’ Cards

Feature ‘Himat’ Card ‘Nigehbaan’ Card
Financial Assistance Monthly stipend for basic needs
Transportation Services Free transportation services
Eligibility Persons with disabilities meeting criteria Persons with disabilities meeting criteria
Application Process Application form, documents, verification Application form, documents, verification
Purpose Financial support Mobility a



Q1 Who’s eligible to apply for these cards?   

  • Individuals with disabilities abiding in Punjab, meeting the specific criteria including income and disability evidence, are eligible.   

Q2 How important is the yearly paycheck  handed with the’ Himat’ card?   

  • The quantum of the paycheck varies and is grounded on the requirements and circumstances of the existent.   

Q3 Can I apply for both the’ Himat’ and’ Nigheban’ cards?   

  • Yes, eligible individualities can apply for both cards if they meet the separate criteria.   

Q4 Are these cards available civil?   

  • Presently, these cards are specific to Punjab and its residents.   

Q5 How long does the operation process take?   

  • The processing time can vary, but  aspirants are generally notified of the status within a specified period.   

Final Thought  

The Punjab’ Himat’ and’ Nigheban’ cards are a significant way towards creating a more inclusive and  probative society for persons with disabilities. These  enterprises not only give essential fiscal  backing and services but also emblematize a commitment to empowering  individualities to live with  quality and independence. By simplifying the enrollment process and immolation palpable benefits, the government aims to ameliorate the lives of those who  frequently face fresh challenges.However, do not hesitate to apply and  pierce the support available, If you or someone you know qualifies for these cards.   Read: Buzurg Program Balance Check Process


In conclusion, the Punjab government’s’ Himat’ and’ Nigheban’ cards represent a  pivotal stride towards a further inclusive society where everyone, anyhow of capability, canthrive.Read: Registration Process Ehsaas Bahimat

However, consider taking advantage of these coffers to enhance quality of life and promote independence, If you or someone you know meets the eligibility criteria. For  further details and operation procedures, visit the  sanctioned Punjab government website or reach out to designated centers. Let’s work together towards a more accessible and  probative future for all.

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