Good News Roshan Ghar Scheme Registration Process, Solar Scheme CM Punjab 2024

Roshan Ghar Scheme Registration

The Roshan Ghar Scheme introduced by the Chief Minister of Punjab in 2024  points to bring light into the lives of citizens by furnishing solar panels for their homes. This action not only focuses on sustainable energy but also on perfecting the quality of life for Punjab’s residents. In this comprehensive companion, we’ll delve into the Roshan ghar scheme registration process, benefits of the scheme, and address common FAQs.   Read: Checking Your Eligibility for the BISP

Overview of Roshan Ghar Scheme  

The Roshan Ghar Scheme, under the leadership of the Chief Minister, envisions a Punjab where every ménage has access to clean and sustainable energy. Through the installation of solar panels, the government aims to reduce electricity bills, promote environmental sustainability, and ensure continued power force.   

Roshan Ghar Scheme Registration
Roshan Ghar Scheme Registration

Roshan Ghar Scheme Registration Process

The Roshan Ghar Scheme registration process is designed to be accessible and straightforward for all eligible residents of Punjab. Then it is a step- by- step companion to registering. Read: Aurat Foundation Program

Step 1: Eligibility Check  

Ensures you meet the eligibility criteria, which generally includes:  

  • Residency in Punjab  
  • Possession of a house  
  • Valid identification documents  

Step 2: Application Form  

  • Gains the operation form from designated government services or online doors.  
  • Fill in the needed details directly, including  particular information and property details.  

Step 3: Submission  

Submit the completed operation form along with the necessary documents,  similar as: 

  • Proof of hearthstone  
  • Identity Proof 
  • Property power documents  

Step 4: Verification  

  • Government officers will corroborate the information handed in the operation.  
  • A point visit may be conducted to assess the feasibility of installing solar panels.  

Step 5: Approval and Installation  

  • Upon successful verification, your  operation will be approved.  
  • The solar panels will be installed at your  hearthstone by authorized technicians.  Read: BISP PMT Score Program 

Benefits of Roshan Ghar Scheme  

The Roshan Ghar Scheme offers a range of benefits to actors:  

  • Reduced Electricity Bills: Solar panels significantly lower yearly electricity charges,  furnishing long- term savings.  
  • Power force: Enjoy continued power force, indeed during grid failures or cargo slipping.  
  • Environmental Impact: Contributing to a cleanser terrain by reducing reliance on fossil energies and dwindling carbon footmark.  
  • Property Value: Solar- equipped homes frequently have increased resale value and appeal to environmentally conscious buyers.  


  1. Who’s eligible for the Roshan Ghar Scheme?
  • Residents of Punjab who enjoy houses are generally eligible. Detailed eligibility criteria can be obtained from the scheme’s  sanctioned guidelines.  
  1. How much does it bring to share in the scheme?
  • The Roshan Ghar Scheme is generally enforced at no cost to the actors. The government covers the charges of solar panel installation.  
  1. Will I still be connected to the main electricity grid?   
  • Yes, your home will remain connected to the main grid. Solar panels give supplementary power, and any redundant energy generated can be fed back into the grid.  Read: Buzurg Program Balance Check Process
  1. How long does the installation process take?
  • The installation process varies but  generally takes many days to a week, depending on the size of the installation and other factors.  
  1. Are conservation and repairs included?
  • The scheme frequently includes  conservation and form services for the installed solar panels, icing their optimal performance.  

Final Thought  

The Roshan Ghar Scheme in CM Punjab 2024 is a lamp of sustainable progress, aiming to brighten homes and lives across the region. By embracing solar energy,  residers can’t only save on electricity costs but also contribute to a greener future. The action aligns with global sweats towards renewable energy and serves as an  illustration of visionary governance.   Read: Registration Process Ehsaas Bahimat


In conclusion, the Roshan Ghar Scheme offers a promising occasion for Punjab’s  residents to harness the power of the sun for their homes. From the simple enrollment process to the long- term benefits, this scheme is a step towards a more sustainable and brighter future. Join hands with the government in making Punjab’s homes Roshan Ghars!  

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