Big Update Ehsaas Petrol Card 2024 Online Registration Sasta Petrol

Sasta Petrol 

Sasta Petrol, i will tell you about the ₹ 100 fritter subsidy from the government, for which mines this program is and what is the purpose of this program. Which people are being included in this and the options of this registration will be explained to you in a completely easy way. It is requested to watch the full video. If you are new to the channel then subscribe the channel and also press the bell icon button. Dhaba will update you with every upcoming update.

Big Announcement

Speeches are not reaching, now let us tell you here what is 786 web portal, we will tell you in full details about it so that you people can get ₹ 100 liter subsidy. Every person can take part in this program. Now the government has announced it here. A big announcement has been made that all the people who are involved in this program in BISP will first be included in this program so that they can benefit from this program. The purpose of the I-R survey is that they Both the Khans can be identified which families are low income, first of all Benazir Income.

Sasta Petrol 
Sasta Petrol

Benazir Income Support Program. 

Sasta Petrol, The crimes included in the support program will be given a filter subsidy of ₹ 100. Along with this, the other difference is that the government has released a new portal in Pakistan for them like they can get themselves registered. Here we will tell you that those who are included in the Benazir Income Support Program. Those people have to send their card number to 786 from the SIM registered in their name, whatever details they have, they will be informed through SMS whether they have taken ₹100 for filter petrol or not. In this, the government has announced that this Benazir Income Support Program, which can make a difference for every person in the program

Government of Pakistan

Those who are included in Benazir Income Support will get the sub city. How can those who are not included in the village on Benazir Income Support get the sub city? For those people, the Government of Pakistan has created 786 web portals. You can do your online registration in detail. You can check your status and get yourself registered, this is a very easy way, just like you balloon your status by issuing 81 Qatar, similarly, you can check your status by issuing 786 and you will be told that you are in poor condition. And in this way you will be included in this program if you do 37 Gurbats.

786 Program

If the score is less then you will be included in this program, like 8000 paise more, those people will not be included in this program. Under this program, you will get 2000 per month. The basic objective of 786 is to provide good health to every person who is working for the nation. From the purchase of petrol to the cost of petrol in Pakistan, due to the rules and regulations, the government of Pakistan has started this 786 program online. Every family and people participating in the BISP Kafalat program gets a drop of Indraj once in a while. Now the government has announced that those who

Fixed Date for Registration

Benazir Income Support Program includes one person from those families can join this program, meaning one family member can join this program. On this occasion it is said that you are using your date off for the first time. There is no need to worry because there is a fixed date for registration, in this way you can apply for 786 gov.You can also get 786 online registration done by the government.

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