Breaking News Benefits of Sehat Sahulat Program for Health Equity 2024

Sehat Sahulat Program 

In Pakistan, access to quality healthcare has been a significant challenge, especially for the underprivileged. The Sehat Sahulat Program (SSP) aims to bridge this gap by providing comprehensive healthcare coverage to those in need. This initiative is a beacon of hope for many, addressing the disparity in healthcare access and ensuring that everyone, regardless of their financial status, can receive the medical attention they require.

Sehat Sahulat 

The Sehat Sahulat Program is a government-led initiative designed to offer free healthcare services to low-income families across Pakistan. The program’s mission is to alleviate the financial burden of healthcare expenses, enabling underprivileged individuals to receive necessary medical treatments without worrying about costs. Key features of the program include free medical treatments, easy registration processes, and extensive coverage for various medical conditions.

Sehat Sahulat Program Registration

Registering for the Sehat Sahulat Program is straightforward and user-friendly. Applicants can apply for the Qaumi Sehat Card online using their ID or Nadra card at the nearest hospital’s SSP counter. The process involves a few simple steps:

  1. Visit the SSP counter at a participating hospital.
  2. Provide your CNIC or Nadra card for verification.
  3. Complete the application form with your biodata and treatment details.
  4. Receive your Qaumi Sehat Card upon successful verification.

Eligibility Criteria

To benefit from the Sehat Sahulat Program, individuals must meet certain eligibility criteria. Primarily, applicants must be Pakistani residents. The eligibility can be verified online using the individual’s CNIC number and a captcha, or by sending their unique Nadra card number via SMS to 8500 for the 8500 Sehat card check code.

Required Documents for Registration

When registering for the Sehat Sahulat Program, applicants need to provide specific documents:

  • Valid CNIC: A government-issued identity card.
  • B-form for under 18s: Required for individuals under 18 years old.
  • Optional photograph: Can be attached to the admission file for processing.

Benefits of the Sehat Sahulat Card

The Sehat Sahulat Card offers a range of benefits, primarily focusing on secondary care coverage. This includes treatments such as normal deliveries, C-sections, antenatal visits, immunization, and first aid treatment for fractures or injuries. Additionally, the card covers local transportation expenses up to 1000 rupees three times per year, easing the financial burden on families traveling for medical care.

Priority Care Services

One of the standout features of the Sehat Sahulat Program is its priority care services. This encompasses comprehensive coverage for critical treatments like cardiac bypasses/angioplasty, cancer treatments, neurosurgical procedures, and chronic disease management. Beneficiaries can monitor their remaining credit card balance online, ensuring transparency and efficient use of funds. All treatment costs incurred during hospital stays are deducted from the card after evaluation, streamlining the process for patients.

User-Friendly Approach

The Sehat Sahulat Program is designed with accessibility and convenience in mind. The straightforward registration process, combined with the availability of a dedicated helpline for assistance and guidance, ensures that beneficiaries receive prompt support whenever needed. This user-friendly approach significantly enhances the program’s effectiveness and reach.

Impact on Healthcare Access

The introduction of the Sehat Sahulat Program has had a profound impact on healthcare access in Pakistan. By providing free medical services to underprivileged families, the program bridges the gap in healthcare disparity and enhances the quality of life for many. It ensures that essential medical treatments are accessible to all, regardless of financial constraints.

Sehat Sahulat Program 
Sehat Sahulat Program

Challenges and Limitations

Despite its numerous benefits, the Sehat Sahulat Program faces several challenges. Ensuring widespread awareness and accessibility, maintaining sufficient funding, and addressing potential fraud are critical issues that need to be addressed. Additionally, ensuring the program’s sustainability in the long term requires continuous monitoring and evaluation.

Success Stories

The success of the Sehat Sahulat Program can be seen through the numerous testimonials from beneficiaries. Many families have shared their stories of receiving life-saving treatments that they otherwise couldn’t afford. These real-life examples highlight the program’s positive impact and its crucial role in providing healthcare access to all.

Future Prospects

Looking ahead, the Sehat Sahulat Program aims to expand its reach and improve its services further. Plans for future enhancements include increasing the number of participating hospitals, introducing more comprehensive coverage options, and leveraging technology for better service delivery. These improvements will ensure that the program continues to meet the evolving healthcare needs of the population.

Government and Community Support

The success of the Sehat Sahulat Program relies heavily on government support and community involvement. Government initiatives and policies play a pivotal role in providing the necessary resources and infrastructure for the program. Additionally, community involvement in spreading awareness and facilitating registrations is crucial for its widespread adoption.


The Sehat Sahulat Program represents a significant step forward in ensuring healthcare access for all societal segments in Pakistan. By streamlining the registration process, offering extensive benefits, and providing robust support systems, the program alleviates the burden of healthcare expenses on the underprivileged. Its comprehensive coverage and user-friendly approach mark a new era of inclusive healthcare in Pakistan.


Who is eligible for a Sehat Insaf card?

All residents of Punjab and KPK are eligible. They can send their identity card number to either 8500 or 9780.

How can I check my Sehat Insaf card online?

You can check your eligibility with the 8500 SMS code.

How can you check the state of your health card?

Just forward your CNIC to either 8500 or 9780. You can also validate your status by visiting the official website’s page.

What treatments are covered under the Sehat Sahulat Card?

The card covers treatments like normal delivery, C-sections, antenatal visits, immunization, cardiac procedures, cancer treatments, and more.

Is there a cost associated with the Sehat Sahulat Program?

No, the Sehat Sahulat Program is free for eligible beneficiaries, ensuring that healthcare is accessible without financial burden.

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