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Sehat Sahulat Program

The Sehat Sahulat Program is a groundbreaking initiative by the Government of Pakistan aimed at providing free healthcare services to underprivileged citizens. With the rising costs of medical treatments, this program ensures that every eligible Pakistani has access to essential health services without financial burden.

What is the Sehat Sahulat Program?

Overview of the Program

The Sehat Sahulat Program is a social health protection initiative designed to improve access to quality healthcare services. It primarily targets low-income families who often struggle to afford medical treatments.

Purpose and Goals

The main goal of the program is to reduce the out-of-pocket expenses for healthcare, thereby improving the overall health and well-being of the population. It aims to provide financial protection against catastrophic health expenditures and enhance the quality of life for marginalized communities.

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How the Sehat Sahulat Program Works

Registration Process

Eligible individuals can register for the Sehat Sahulat Program through a straightforward process. Once registered, they receive a health card that enables them to access medical services at designated hospitals.

Issuance of Health Cards

The health cards are issued after the verification of the applicant’s eligibility. These cards are essential for availing the benefits of the program and must be presented at the time of treatment.

Benefits of the Sehat Sahulat Program

Free Medical Treatment

The program covers a wide range of medical treatments, including outpatient consultations, diagnostics, and inpatient services.

Coverage of Major Surgeries

One of the significant benefits is the coverage of major surgeries, which can be financially draining for low-income families. This includes surgeries like cardiac procedures, cancer treatments, and orthopedic operations.

Maternal and Child Health Services

The program places a special emphasis on maternal and child health services, ensuring that pregnant women and children receive necessary medical attention without any cost.

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Eligibility Criteria for Sehat Sahulat Program

Who Can Apply?

The program is open to all Pakistani citizens who meet the eligibility criteria, primarily based on income levels.

Income Requirements

Typically, families earning below a certain threshold are eligible for the program. The exact income criteria may vary and should be checked on the official website.

Required Documents for Sehat Sahulat Program

Proof of Identity

Applicants need to provide a valid CNIC (Computerized National Identity Card) to prove their identity.

Proof of Income

Documents like salary slips, tax returns, or a declaration of income are required to verify the financial status of the applicant.

Additional Documents

Depending on the specific requirements, additional documents such as proof of residence or family registration certificates may be needed.

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How to Check Sehat Sahulat Program Status Online

Official Website Guide

To check the status of your application or health card, visit the official Sehat Sahulat Program website. Enter your CNIC number in the provided field to get real-time updates.

Mobile App Instructions

The program also has a mobile app that allows users to check their status, locate nearby hospitals, and access other services conveniently.

Step-by-Step Guide to Online Registration

Creating an Account

Start by creating an account on the Sehat Sahulat Program’s official website. Provide your basic details and create a secure password.

Filling Out the Application Form

Once your account is set up, fill out the application form with accurate information about yourself and your family members.

Submitting the Application

After completing the form, submit your application. You will receive a confirmation message and can check the status of your application online.

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FAQs About Sehat Sahulat Program

  1. What services are covered under the program?
    • The program covers outpatient consultations, diagnostics, inpatient services, and major surgeries.
  2. Can I use the health card in any hospital?
    • No, the health card can only be used at hospitals that are part of the Sehat Sahulat Program network.
  3. How often do I need to renew my registration?
    • The health card typically needs to be renewed annually. Check the official website for specific guidelines.
  4. Is there a limit to the number of family members covered?
    • Yes, the program may have a limit on the number of family members covered. Refer to the program’s official resources for detailed information.
  5. What happens if I lose my health card?
    • If you lose your health card, you should report it immediately and apply for a replacement through the official channels.


The Sehat Sahulat Program is a vital lifeline for many Pakistani families, offering them access to essential health services without the financial strain. By understanding the registration process, eligibility criteria, and benefits, more people can take advantage of this program and improve their health outcomes.

Quick Table of Sehat Sahulat Program

Feature Details
Program Name Sehat Sahulat Program
Eligibility Low-income Pakistani citizens
Required Documents CNIC, proof of income, additional documents as needed
Registration Process Online via website or mobile app
Benefits Free medical treatment, coverage of major surgeries
Health Card Usage Designated hospitals within the program network

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