EXCITED NEWS: Tube Wells PM Shahbaz Sharif Announces Solarisation of Tube Wells in Balochistan

 Solarisation of Tube Wells :

 Solarisation of Tube Wells Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif has unveiled a transformative initiative to solarise 28,000 tube wells in Balochistan, aimed at presenting farmers with low-priced electricity. This initiative is a collaborative effort between the federal and provincial governments and is predicted to substantially advantage the agricultural region in the region.


Tube Wells


Key Announcements and Figures

Meeting and Agreement

  • Attendees:

Prime Minister: Shehbaz Sharif

Balochistan Chief Minister: Mir Sarfraz Bugti

Balochistan Governor: Jaffar Khan Mandokhail

Federal Ministers and Officials

Flour Mills Association Representatives: Asim Raza, Majid Abdullah, Iftikhar Mehtu, Khaleeq Arshad, Muhammad Shahid, and Ahmad

  • Key Agreement:

The settlement on solarising tube wells used to be signed in the presence of key provincial and federal representatives.

Financial Details

Total Cost: Rs55 billion

Federal Government Contribution: 70%

Implementation Timeline: Expected inside three months

Impact on Farmers

Current Situation

Power Supply Issues: Tube wells are presently related to the strength grid however function for solely brief intervals (about two hours daily), which severely influences farming activities.

Non-payment of Bills: Many farmers do now not pay their electrical energy bills, main to full-size monetary losses for the government.

Benefits of Solarisation

Continuous Operation: Solar-powered tube wells will run all day, imparting regular water provide for irrigation.

Reduced Costs: Solar electricity is the most inexpensive energy source, permitting farmers to pay minimal quantities for electricity.

Elimination of Losses: The initiative will do away with the Rs70bn to Rs80bn income loss and Rs500bn authorities subsidy presently incurred due to non-payment of bills.

Solarisation of Tube Wells

Broader Economic and Social Impact

Addressing Financial Drain

Current Subsidy Issues: PM Shahbaz highlighted that the Rs500bn spent on subsidies is successfully “going down the drain” and may want to be higher invested in the province’s development.

Revenue Loss: The government’s effort to cowl unpaid payments has resulted in a massive monetary burden.


Tube Wells


Solar Panels Installation

Procurement Strategy: The high minister cautioned a “large procurement” of photovoltaic panels, probably via subsidies to farmers to make certain fee efficiency.

Revolutionary Change: This task is anticipated to deliver about deep-rooted structural adjustments in the region’s agricultural sector.

Future Plans

Transition from Oil: PM Shahbaz noted plans to transition one million tube wells nationwide from oil to photovoltaic power, doubtlessly saving $3.5bn in oil imports.

Security and Development Concerns

  • Emphasis on Security

Chinese Concerns: During a current go to to China, PM Shahbaz discovered that Chinese engineers keep away from risky areas in Pakistan, highlighting the want for increased security.

KP Funding: Punjab has contributed substantially to Khyber Pakhtunkhwa’s counterterrorism efforts and continues to help Balochistan in this regard.

  • Development Projects

Gwadar Safe City Project: PM Shahbaz mentioned that the Safe City Project in Gwadar, before closed, has been re-awarded and is vital for the city’s development.

Gwadar’s Potential: Gwadar is predicted to grow to be a essential international port, producing great profits and helping the region’s financial growth.

  • Provincial Contributions

Punjab’s Role: Punjab has contributed the easiest quantity to Balochistan’s counterterrorism funding seeing that 2010, pledging Rs150bn over 14 years.

Collaborative Efforts: PM Shahbaz referred to as for cohesion and clever use of cash to attain shared improvement goals.


Tube Wells



The solarisation of tube wells in Balochistan represents a principal step toward sustainable agriculture and financial stability. This initiative, blended with ongoing safety and improvement efforts, highlights the government’s dedication to the region’s progress. PM Shahbaz name for cooperation between the provincial and federal governments underscores the significance of collective motion in reaching these formidable goals.PM Shahbaz identify for cooperation between the provincial and federal governments underscores the importance of collective action in accomplishing these bold goals.

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