Exciting News: Unique Fortified Flour ||Punjab Govt to Introduce Unique Fortified Flour Bags 2024

Unique Fortified Flour :

Unique Fortified Flour The Punjab authorities are launching one of a sort fortified flour baggage to beautify the health of younger human beings and women in the course of the province.

Meeting with Flour Mills Association:

Punjab Food Minister Bilal Yaseen met with the Flour Mills Association to discuss about challenges and solutions. This initiative ambitions to furnish greater wholesome flour to the public.


Unique Fortified Flour


Benefits of Fortified Flour Bags:

These new flour baggage will be enriched with critical vitamins. The Punjab Food Authority (PFA) will take a seem at the style of this fortified flour to make positive it meets health standards.

Anti-Corruption Measures:

To end corruption, the Anti-Corruption Establishment will take movement in opposition to any officers who hassle unauthorized flour permits. The Punjab Food Department is devoted to keeping integrity.

Official Support and Collaboration:

The meeting used to be attended through Punjab Food Secretary Moazzam Iqbal Sipra, Food Director Shoaib Jadoon, and representatives from the Flour Mills Association, such as Asim Raza and Majid Abdullah.

Unique Fortified Flour Bags

Unique Fortified Flour Bags



Unique Fortified Flour


PFA’s Recent Actions:

The Punjab Food Authority lately shut down two well-known ingesting locations and fined pretty a few ingredients organizations Rs 1.7 million for violating ingredients regulations. They inspected 1,420 meal points, consisting of restaurants, cafes, and typical stores.

Inspection and Enforcement

PFA Director General Muhammad Asim Javaid noted that the authority checked 21,000 kg of meat and 37,000 liters of milk in one day. They discarded 1,920 liters of tainted milk, 300 kg of ill chickens, and exclusive hazardous foods items.

Actions Against Violations:

The PFA moreover took movement in the direction of foods groups for the utilization of expired ingredients items, horrible cleanliness, and insect infestations. They emphasised the dangers of the utilization of expired cooking oil, which can reason serious health problems.

PFA’s Recent Actions

PFA’s Recent Actions


Unique Fortified Flour


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • What are fortified flour bags?

Fortified flour baggage is enriched with indispensable dietary nutritional vitamins to decorate health, mainly for younger human beings and women.

  • Who regulates the delight of fortified flour?

The Punjab Food Authority labs take a seem to be at the excellence of fortified flour.

  • What moves are being taken closer to corruption?

The Anti-Corruption Establishment will take movement toward officers issuing unauthorized flour permits.

  • What present day strikes has the Punjab Food Authority taken?

The PFA shut down two consuming locations and fined quite a number companies for foods regulation violations, inspecting over 1,420 meal elements in Lahore Zone.

  • What are the penalties of the use of expired cooking oil?

Using expired cooking oil can purpose serious health problems, and the PFA continues to take movement toward such practices.

This initiative is a big step towards bettering public health and making positive the wonderful and protection of ingredients in Punjab.

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