latest unbeliveable News: Caretaker Government Again Starts Ehsaas Program

 Ehsaas Program

The Caretaker Government has announced the resumption of the Ehsaas Program, providing an opportunity for individuals to register online and receive grant money. The article outlines easy ways for people to register and obtain their grant money quickly, with detailed instructions on the process.

Registration at Tehsil Office:

    • Individuals are instructed to visit the Tehsil Office in their local area to obtain a portal form.
    • The form requires the entry of all necessary information for eligibility in the Ehsaas program.

Reduction in Installment Amount:

    • The article mentions a new update stating that the caretaker government has reduced the installment amount from 24,000 to 9,000.
    • It notes that individuals will be informed about the installment details once they are announced.

Online Check for Ehsaas Program Money:

    • Instructions are provided on how individuals can check the amount of aid credited to their accounts online.
    • It emphasizes the importance of checking regularly to avoid issues in receiving aid for several months.

NADRA Ehsaas Program Online Registration:

    • The article guides individuals on how to register online through NADRA, involving the submission of a portal form at the local NADRA office.
    • A confirmation SMS is expected to be received the day after submitting the form.

 online registration

Ehsaas Program Petrol CNIC Check Online:

    • Instructions for registration through a portal form are provided, with details on required information such as CNIC, home address, and phone number.
    • Eligible individuals are advised to collect their grant money from any tehsil office.

Required Documents:

Eligibility criteria are explained, including the need for specific documents based on individual circumstances (e.g., widow’s certificate, disabled person’s certificate, CNIC photocopy, passport-size photograph).

Benefits of Ehsaas Program:

      • The article highlights the monthly aid provided through the Ehsaas program, supporting individuals in their daily lives.
      • The program aims to strengthen the economy, particularly targeting poor and deserving families

.Eligibility Criteria:

      • Criteria for eligibility are outlined, including a monthly income below 40,000, belonging to poor and deserving families, and widows with the necessary certificates.


      • Frequently asked questions are addressed, providing information on how to apply for the Ehsaas Program, the online registration process, and how to receive aid money.

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