Latest Update: Sites Setup for BISP 10500 Rupees Distribution in 12 Districts

BISP 10500 Rupees Distribution

Taking a primary step in the direction of socio-economic empowerment, the district administration, in partnership with the Benazir Income Support Programme (BISP), has installed 12 distribution websites for the Unconditional Cash Transfer Programme. This exercise is geared closer to disbursing installments of Benazir Kafaalat amounting to Rs 10,500 to eligible girls beneficiaries. Such initiatives are necessary for advertising economic inclusivity and offering aid throughout numerous regions. Let’s discover the specifics of this praiseworthy initiative in increased detail.

Overview of the BISP Sites Initiative

The collaborative effort between the district administration and BISP seeks to alleviate monetary hardships amongst susceptible demographics, with a precise center of attention on women, via direct money transfers. These transfers play a fundamental function in bolstering their monetary independence and advertising self-reliance. By setting up distribution web sites throughout 12 districts, the initiative emphasizes a committed method to making sure accessibility and outreach to deserving recipients.

Key Highlights of Benazir Kafalat Distribution:

Distribution Amount: Rs 10,500 per installment

Target Beneficiaries: Women registered below BISP

Administrative Support: Assistant commissioners exact as focal persons

Distribution Site Locations

The distribution websites have been strategically chosen throughout quite a number districts to make certain superior outreach and comfort for beneficiaries. Benazir Kafalat Program Payment

Here’s a breakdown of the targeted locations:

Ghulam Muhammadabad: Sports Complex

Sheikhupura Road: Crescent Sports Complex

Dijkot: Sahulat Bazaar

Ada Nadwala: Chak 61-JB Ada Nadwala Bungalow

Jaranwala: Municipal Committee Office and Municipal library close to AC Office

Chak Jhumra: Tehsil Sports Complex and Municipal Committee Office

Samundri: Municipal Committee Office and Government Post Graduate College

Tandlianwala: Old Sports Complex Building at Canal Road

Mamu Kanjan: Bungalow/Rest House of Irrigation Department

BISP Administrative Arrangements

To facilitate the seamless execution of the distribution process, the district administration has applied more than a few administrative measures:

Deployment of Lady Police: Ensuring protection and remedy for girls beneficiaries.

Sitting Arrangements: Designated areas for ladies at distribution sites. Dynamic Survey

Infrastructure Setup: Installation of walk-through gates, rescue and firefighting facilities, scientific camps, and cleanliness arrangements.

BISP 10500 Rupees Distribution
BISP 10500 Rupees Distribution


The rollout of distribution web sites throughout 12 districts underscores a unified recreation to prolong monetary help and empowerment to female during Pakistan. By refining administrative methods and improving accessibility, the initiative is geared toward fostering inclusive growth and socio-economic advancement. Through collaborative initiatives like this, we pave the course toward a extra equitable and affluent society.

For additional inquiries or support, please attain out to the respective district administration or go to the authentic Benazir Income Support Programme website. Let’s persist in empowering and uplifting prone communities for a brighter and greater promising future.


What is BISP?

BISP stands for the Benazir Income Support Program, which is a social protection internet application aimed at imparting economic help to the most prone segments of society in Pakistan.

Who is eligible for BISP?

Eligibility for BISP is decided based totally on more than a few criteria, along with profits thresholds, family size, and socio-economic status.

How is the distribution manner conducted?

The distribution procedure entails placing up distribution websites in chosen districts the place eligible beneficiaries can acquire economic help after present process verification procedures.

How does BISP make contributions to poverty alleviation?

BISP contributes to poverty alleviation through imparting well timed monetary help to eligible beneficiaries, thereby assisting them meet their simple wants and enhance their socio-economic status.

What are the future plans for BISP?

The future plans for BISP encompass increasing its reach, leveraging technology, and strengthening institutional ability to higher serve the wishes of the beneficiaries and promote inclusive increase and development.

Can beneficiaries appoint representatives for collection?

Yes, beneficiaries have the choice to designate representatives for collection, furnished they furnish fantastic documentation.


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