latest new update:Disabled person  2024 New Method Registration

Disabled person  

Registration for the BISP program through a new method has commenced, aimed at aiding those on the brink of eligibility. This article provides comprehensive information to guide individuals through the qualification process and accessing financial aid, particularly focusing on the unique challenges faced by disabled individuals.

Online Registration BISP 8171 Program

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Individuals close to eligibility or not yet registered are encouraged to apply.
  • Special emphasis on addressing challenges faced by disabled individuals in accessing financial aid.

Online Registration Process:

  1. Search and Access: Go to your mobile browser and search for “8171”.
  2. Official Website: The official BISP program website will appear; input all required information for qualification.
  3. Confirmation: Successful entry of information qualifies individuals for the program.

Claiming Financial Aid:

  • After online registration, visit the local BISP program office to receive aid immediately.

In case of difficulties, detailed procedures for prompt aid disbursement are outlined.

Disabled person
Disabled person

How to Status Check BISP Payment

Verification at BISP Office:

  • Visit the local BISP program office for a representative to check your CNIC and confirm eligibility.

Remote Status Check:

  1. SMS Inquiry: Send your CNIC to 8171.
  2. Reply SMS: Receive a reply confirming eligibility.

Latest Update on BISP New Payment:

  • Disabled individuals have begun receiving aid payments, and their status can be checked remotely via SMS.

Program Benefits:

  • BISP provides financial assistance to poor, deserving individuals.
  • Eligibility extends to those over 60 years old and individuals with disabilities.

Verification Process:

  • If not initially eligible, visit the tehsil office for document verification and registration.

Empowering Through Information:

  • The BISP program is a crucial resource, and this article equips individuals with the knowledge on how to qualify and access financial aid.


This structured format aims to highlight key information with clear headings, making it easy for readers to navigate through the registration process and understand the benefits of the BISP program.

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