Breaking News Ehsaas Scholarship Program Increased in Quota 2024

Ehsaas Scholarship Program Increased 

Established in 2019 under the visionary leadership of Prime Minister Imran Khan, the Ehsaas Scholarship Program increased in Scholarship Quota In 2024 the program aims to insure access to quality education for  scholars from low- income families. It’s part of the government’s broader Ehsaas action, which tries to palliate poverty and promote social welfare across the country. Read: Eligibility Criteria for HEC Online Scholarship 

Ehsaas Scholarship Program Increased Quota  

In line with the government’s commitment to promoting education, the share for Ehsaas  literacy has been increased significantly. This expansion allows a lesser number of  scholars to earn themselves fiscal backing for their studies, thereby reducing the fiscal burden on their families and enabling them to  concentrate on academic excellence.   

Table: Ehsaas Scholarship Program Increased 

Year Total Scholarship Quota Increase from Previous Year
2020 10,000
2021 15,000 +5,000
2022 20,000 +5,000
2023 25,000 +5,000
2024 30,000 +5,000

Eligibility Criteria for the Ehsaas Scholarship Program 

The eligibility criteria for the Ehsaas Scholarship Program are designed to ensure that fiscal backing is directed to those who need it most. While specific criteria may vary slightly depending on the time and any updates made to the program, the following are generally considered when determining eligibility: Read: Benazir Undergraduate Scholarship Project 

Ehsaas Scholarship Program Increased
Ehsaas Scholarship Program Increased

Financial Need 

Application must belong to low- income families, as determined by ménage income and socioeconomic status. Priority is given to homes with limited fiscal coffers, particularly those below the poverty line.   

Academic Performance

Applications are generally needed to demonstrate strong academic performance, as substantiated by their grades or academic reiterations. This criterion helps ensure that  literacy is awarded to scholars with the  eventuality to exceed academically.   


In addition to fiscal need, merit- grounded criteria similar as academic achievements,  adulterous conditioning, leadership  eventuality, and community involvement may also be considered during the selection process. This ensures that literacy is awarded to meritorious campaigners who have demonstrated exceptional capacities and benefactions. Read: Ehsaas Program Check 

Nationality and Residency

Application must be Pakistani citizens and  residents of Pakistan. Some literacy may also have specific occupancy conditions,  similar as being an occupant of a particular  fiefdom or region.   

Educational Level

The Ehsaas Scholarship Program may feed scholars at colorful situations of education, including undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate studies. Eligibility criteria may vary depending on the position of education being pursued.   

Field of Study

While the program may be open to scholars from all academic disciplines, there may be specific literacy available for certain fields of study, similar as STEM( Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics), social lores, humanities, and vocational training programs. Read: Ehsaas Program Registration 

Other Considerations

Fresh factors, similar as disability status, gender, and geographic position, may also be taken into account to ensure inclusivity and equal openings for all aspirants.  

Table:Quick Information 

Eligibility Criteria Description
Financial Need Applicants must belong to low-income families.
Academic Performance Strong academic performance is required.
Merit Academic achievements, extracurricular activities, leadership potential, and community involvement are considered.
Nationality Pakistani nationals are eligible.
Residency Applicants must be residents of Pakistan.
Educational Level Scholarships are available for undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate studies.
Field of Study Scholarships may cover various academic disciplines, including STEM, social sciences, humanities, and vocational training programs.
Additional Factors Disability status, gender, and geographic location may also be considered.

How to Apply for Ehsaas Scholarship 2024  

Applying for the Ehsaas Scholarship Program is a straightforward process. Interested campaigners can follow this way:   

  • Visit the sanctioned Ehsaas Scholarship website.  
  • Complete the online operation form,  furnishing accurate information and supporting documents.  
  • Submit the operation within the specified deadline.  
  • Await announcement regarding the status of your operation.  

Ehsaas Scholarship Program Impact  

The impact of the Ehsaas Scholarship Program extends far beyond the fiscal  backing it provides to scholars. Then is an explanation of its impact: Read: Ehsaas Taleemi Wazaif 

Access to Education 

The program ensures that scholars from low- income families have access to quality education, which might else be unattainable due to fiscal constraints. By removing walls to advanced education, it opens doors to  openings for particular and professional growth.   

Poverty Relief

Education is an important tool for poverty  relief. By investing in the education of  individuals from marginalized backgrounds, the Ehsaas Scholarship Program equips them with the knowledge and chops  demanded to break the cycle of poverty and  produce a better future for themselves and their families.   


Education empowers individualities to come agents of change in their communities. Through the Ehsaas Scholarship Program,  scholars aren’t only handed with the means to pursue their academic careers but also with the confidence and coffers to contribute  appreciatively to society.   

Social Mobility 

Education is frequently regarded as the great equalizer, immolating individualities from  underprivileged backgrounds the occasion to ameliorate their socio- profitable status. The Ehsaas Scholarship Program facilitates social mobility by enabling talented scholars to pursue advanced education anyhow of their fiscal circumstances.   

Skill Development 

Beyond academic knowledge, the program also focuses on the holistic development of  scholars by furnishing openings for skill development, leadership training, and career guidance. These fresh coffers help scholars enhance their employability and prepare them for success in their chosen fields.   

Gender Equality

The program laboriously promotes gender  equivalency by encouraging the participation of  womanish scholars in advanced education, particularly in fields traditionally dominated by men. By empowering women through education, the Ehsaas Scholarship Program contributes to lesser gender  equality and social addition. Read: BISP New Payment 

Economic Growth 

Investing in education has long- term benefits for the frugality as well. By producing a  professed pool and fostering invention and entrepreneurship, the Ehsaas Scholarship Program contributes to profitable growth and development, eventually serving the entire nation.   

Final Thought  

As we reflect on the trip of the Ehsaas Scholarship Program, it’s apparent that education has the power to transform lives and shape the future of our nation. By investing in the education of our youth, we aren’t only unleashing their eventuality but also paving the way for a more prosperous and  indifferent society. As we look ahead to the future, let us reaffirm our commitment to furnishing every child with the occasion to learn, grow, and succeed.   

FAQs: Ehsaas Scholarship Program Increased 

Q Who’s eligible for the Ehsaas Scholarship Program?   

Eligibility for the Ehsaas Scholarship Program is primarily grounded on  ménage income, academic performance, and other criteria determined by the selection commission. scholars from low- income families are given precedence.   


Q Can I apply for multiple Ehsaas literacy?   

No, each pupil can only apply for one Ehsaas education at a time. Still, if you’re  unprofitable in one  operation cycle, you may reapply in  posterior cycles.   


Q How are Ehsaas education donors named?   

Donors are  named grounded on a comprehensive evaluation process, which takes into account academic performance,  fiscal need,  adulterous conditioning, and other applicable factors.   


Q Is the Ehsaas Scholarship Program only for undergraduate studies?   

No, the Ehsaas Scholarship Program also provides support for graduate and postgraduate studies, as well as technical training programs in certain fields.   

Conclusion: Ehsaas Scholarship Program Increased 

In conclusion, the Ehsaas Scholarship Program continues to be a catalyst for positive change, empowering  individualities, and communities across Pakistan. As we embrace the  openings and challenges of the future, let us remain  loyal in our commitment to fostering a culture of  literacy,  invention, and social responsibility. Together, we can  make a brighter future for generations to come.   

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