Good News PM Hunarmand Pakistan Program Free Training Courses

Free Training Courses

I have come across of information which has been announced by the government, because the government is there, you can start understanding it like online less. It has been given because when there is a meeting and like budget etc., the situation is like that of the country, then it has become very difficult for the government to meet, that is why whatever you government has given to everyone like online courses, then the reason is that. What other free Training courses have we started online and what are the seats in it?

Female can Apply 

There are approximately 1.5 lakh plus seats for its online Free Training courses and for this, both male and female can apply and I will tell you the method of applying in this video. First, let me tell you a little detail about what these courses are. Which is 10 ml, their target is this, we have to train more than 10 million people, and the dates are dead lakh, which is plus seats, and this is another C, which is 25 plus, and the experts who are there for free. All the experts of Kim will be good as the answer has been given, apart from this there are many other such new names which you have heard.

Complete Scholarship

There will be good teachers who are from the government, who are experts in Victory University IT, they will get you to do these courses. Okay, now within this you will also get a complete scholarship, you will get some introduction, this is from the government. Everything will be given to you, like apply here, you will apply for internship immediately, and like you will do the course, you have to apply here, remember, for scholarship, here, for internship, as you like, now the Free Training courses which are given below are here. Some of them are given here and their details are also given here.

Apply Online 

I have gone to Gym Machine Learning, it is Allahabad which is Android, apart from this any designing etc. has to be done, UIUX designing has been done here, apart from that we have to run Google Ads etc. or any other, these are many things which you can do from here. Lakhs of rupees can be used here and this is the least from where you must have heard that everyone will be showing you their shot videos on Tik Tok or YouTube, yes, I am running so much, are the people I have met from here or this? They must have learned, okay here, first of all you have to go to your place and apply online here.

Free Training Courses
Free Training Courses

Register Yourself

You will have to click here and first of all you will register yourself here, it will be ok now here is how to come to this website and apart from this there are some courses which are even better which are available on big YouTube which have been created. The trees are given but I will give them to you for free, how to download them, what are its criteria and first of all we have to go here to the website, here we are writing here 819 [Music] 719 [Music] You will write this here. 

Hunar Program

You can also find it in the above section, you can see here, there is a link to this website, look at it carefully, you will also find its link in the description of 8171 online video, if you open it, you will see such a website. Call us and we will come down a little bit. There are many new courses, scholarships etc. everything will be available to you here. If you are willing to apply, we will come down to you a little bit. Not today, it will come here. Yes, Hunar Math, this is the Hunar Program. You have got its introduction, you have to click. After clicking, you will see this in front of us.

Government of Pakistan 

Have adopted the website, here I have to come down a little, so here I told about Homeopathy Pakistan and about an excellent program for the youth, whose purpose is to provide employment forms to all the youth and the government of Pakistan is giving them information about IT. Started a program by the name of Nahi Hona in which young people will be given free launch of up to Rs 5 lakh and try to earn money online, after that if you know a little about it then here you will get its details etc. you will get all these things. You have to read this, watch this video, watch this video

Google Drive

You will be able to apply and know all the details which the government has shown in a video on its own website, I have shown it here in front of you, now how we have to download these courses etc. see this button. The courses which are given for download, yes, I have to click on it, after that it will go to Google Drive. See here, you will get all those courses which are available on YouTube and they are selling here. You will get every course free in any one. Now you have to click on it and click on its download and it will be downloaded in front of you.

Graphic Designing

See, if theFree Training courses are accepted here then whatever is there, whatever you want to download, click on any one, whatever is in front of you, it will be downloaded. Even if you do not know how to do it, you can also learn from here by watching it live. See the details of this head here and here you can see all its details. If you want to understand something else, there are six questions to ask, then you can ask that too, so currently these are their phone numbers. You can also contact them on the given number. You can try and see what all are available here: 25 courses, gym, contact writing, graphic designing.Data Entry, Voice Over Programming, Copywriting, there are many courses available here.

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