Good News Benazir Income Support Programme 17 May Payment Start

Income Support Programme 

Income Support Programme, Salutations to all the Nazarenes, a brand new installment of ₹ 10,500 has been announced, the last date of the installment has been announced. The environment of the camp site is also being made comfortable to run the installment. Let us tell you how many people are on duty at one center this time. An important alert has been issued for those who have not yet been able to register themselves and the biggest good news has also come for those people who have done the new survey or those people whose score is 32. So now such women can also become Ahal. Tell us about which women they are.those who have got their new verification done, is the new installment coming for them too or not?This is the latest news of this time. The new upcoming installment of 100500 is going to start which has also been formally announced.

New Registration

Income Support Programme, Its date will also be confirmed to you. Various camp sites are being made this time by the government. Payments are being made this time from the camp site. Will the retailers be able to run the payments again? Hazrat will definitely warn you about this but the biggest thing is And the important question is that many people are still not able to get their new registration done. Whether it is because they have an issue in going to the office or there is some other issue due to which they are not getting their registration done, then keep telling them if you want to get your new registration done. Or if you will not be able to get your new survey done then the government of Pakistan will

Income Support Programme 
Income Support Programme

Get Money

Income Support Programme, An alert has been issued for you, otherwise you may have to repent later, hence get your registration done because the date given by the government is 30th June, the last date if you also want to recover the money. Want to do ₹ 1500000, alert has been issued for those prostitutes who don’t even get money, 14 to 15 lakh prostitutes whose survey has been completed, their verification process is still going on. There are 30% people who have been registered for the survey and have been declared as Ahaliyas on the portal too.

Government of Pakistan

Income Support Programme, The upcoming payment of ₹ 1500000 will be released from June to July, while on behalf of the Government of Pakistan, an environment is being created to run 0500 from which camp site, in which now duties of various people have also been imposed in which every camp site But while they are busy with their duties along with an assistant sub-inspector and five constables, the investigation personnel have also completed the registration of the survey. After completing the registration, when they check their payment, their payment is not showing. But if the investigation is going on then the person under investigation

Portal of 8171

Payment is also being made in the month of June. It is hoped that the payment will be made to you also, but there are some persons whose investigation was going on for the last 3 months, so those persons have been selected for this new case, so those persons too. You will be able to resign your payment, but before that, check your balance on the portal of 8171, whereas the women whose score was more than 32 had increased to 35, although earlier they were not eligible, but now they are becoming eligible. She is a widowed housewife. According to the new policy of the government, widowed wives are given 35 years of imprisonment.The score has been made, now she is going to be eligible and she will also get this installment of Rs 10500. The new second installment will start getting from 17th May, which you will be able to collect from the campsite or various centers in your city.

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