Sindh Dispatches Unused Kisan Card Program to Engage Farmers

Sindh Dispatches Unused Kisan Card Program to Engage Farmers 

Sindh Kisan Card Program

The Sindh government has declared the dispatch of the Kisan Card program, pointing to make strides in the lives of ranchers in the area. This activity takes after a comparable program executed in Punjab.

Online Enlistment Handle For All Enable Agriculturists 

To benefit from the Kisan endowment by enlisting for the Kisan program, you must total your enlistment and get the Kisan endowment. Work began on the unused enlistment of the appropriation Card in April 2024. Visit your closest BISP program office presently and get all the enlistment points of interest from the agent. Total your enlistment, get a Kisan Card, and completely utilize the Kisan subsidy.

Benefits for Agriculturists In Sindh Kisan Endowment Card 

  • The Kisan Card offers an assortment of benefits to agriculturists, including:
  • Simplified exchanges: The card will encourage buying and offering wheat, possibly advertising needs treatment to cardholders.
  • Financial help: Agriculturists can get to credits at less demanding terms through the Card, making it simpler to oversee finances

Subsidies: The program offers endowments on basic agrarian supplies like seeds, fertilizers, and cultivate hardware, decreasing operational costs.

Renewable vitality get to: The appropriation card might give get to credits for introducing sun powered boards and advancing maintainable cultivating practices.

Information and direction: Agriculturists will get profitable data and direction on progressing trim yields and rural techniques.

Kisan Card Program
Kisan Card Program

New Registration

  • Eligibility Criteria For Kisan Card Registration
  • to be qualified for the Kisan Card, people must meet the taking after criteria:
  • Be a inhabitant of Sindh province.

Actively included in farming.

  • Possess a substantial National Personality Card (CNIC) enrolled with the Sindh government
  • Meet the destitution score and wage edges the government sets (subtle elements to be announced).

List Of Required Records For Kisan Card

While official affirmation is pending, potential reports required for enrollment might include:

  • CNIC nelisetd with the Sindh government
  • Land possession documentsroof of cultivating occupation
  • Monthly power charge or other utility charge (for verification)
  • Poverty score documentation (subtle elements to be confirmed)


Overall, the Sindh Kisan program shows up to be a comprehensive activity outlined to enable agriculturists in the territory. By giving monetary help, fundamental assets, and profitable data, the program has the potential to essentially make strides agrarian efficiency and the employment of ranchers in Sindh.

Kisan Card Program
Kisan Card Program


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