Launch of Khidmat Card In BISP For Persons With Disabilities

Launch of Khidmat Card In BISP For Persons With Disabilities

The recent introduction of the Khidmat Card in the Benazir Income Support Program (BISP) brings significant relief and support to persons with disabilities across the country. This initiative aims to empower individuals with disabilities by providing them with financial aid and essential services to improve their quality of life.

Overview of the Khidmat Card

The Khidmat Card serves as a crucial tool for persons with disabilities registered under the BISP program. Through this card, beneficiaries will receive direct financial assistance and access to essential services, including the provision of wheelchairs free of charge.

Key Features of the Khidmat Card

Direct Financial AidRegistered beneficiaries will receive financial aid directly through the Khidmat Card, eliminating the need for intermediaries and ensuring prompt access to funds. This aid aims to support individuals with disabilities in meeting their daily needs and improving their living conditions.

Provision of Wheelchairs

In addition to financial assistance, BISP will provide wheelchairs to eligible beneficiaries free of charge. For individuals who do not receive a wheelchair, an equivalent amount will be provided to ensure access to mobility aids and assistive devices.

Registration Process

In-Person RegistrationPersons with disabilities who wish to avail themselves of the Khidmat Card can register themselves at designated BISP centers. It is essential to bring along a valid CNIC during the registration process.

Proxy Registration

In cases where individuals with disabilities are unable to visit the registration centers themselves, they can authorize a trusted individual to register on their behalf. The authorized person must present the CNIC of the beneficiary during the registration process.

Eligibility Criteria

Criteria for Eligibility

To qualify for the Khidmat Card, individuals must meet specific eligibility criteria, including:

  • Significant disability impairing mobility
  • Inability to walk independently
  • Lack of support from a caregiver
  • Absence of a bank account
  • Presence of two or more disabled individuals in the household
  • Zero educational attainment

Accessing Funds and Rations

Withdrawal of Funds

Beneficiaries can withdraw funds allocated through the Khidmat Card from designated ATMs or banks. This enables individuals to access financial assistance conveniently and securely to meet their needs.

Ration Distribution

In addition to financial aid, beneficiaries can also obtain rations through the Khidmat Card, ensuring access to essential food supplies for themselves and their families.

Online Registration

Facilitating Online Registration

To accommodate individuals who are unable to leave their homes due to disabilities, BISP offers online registration facilities. This enables persons with disabilities to register from the comfort of their homes, ensuring their inclusion in the program.


The launch of the Khidmat Card in BISP represents a significant step towards addressing the needs and challenges faced by persons with disabilities in Pakistan. By providing direct financial aid, access to mobility aids, and essential services, the program aims to enhance the well-being and independence of individuals with disabilities, promoting inclusivity and empowerment.

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