Big Update Government’s Announcement to Start Mobile Utility Stores Unit

Mobile Utility Stores

The cell unit Mobile utility Stores shops promise to furnish comfort and accessibility to persons with the aid of imparting vital meals gadgets at the regional level. This initiative seeks to alleviate the burden of journeying lengthy distances for grocery shopping, specifically for these with constrained mobility.

Discount on Items

In line with the government’s dedication to offering remedy to the underprivileged, great reductions are presented on a variety of meals objects at utility stores. These discounts, such as these on flour and ghee, intention to make indispensable commodities greater lower priced for low-income households.

Ramadan Relief Package

To coincide with the holy month of Ramadan, the authorities has allotted a sizable finances to decorate the Ramadan comfort package, making sure that greater deserving humans gain from discounted meals gadgets throughout this duration of heightened need.

Mobile Unit Utility Stores

The cellular unit utility shops provide a novel method to handing over items at once to communities. With the assist of contemporary technological know-how and cell apps, the places of these vans are decided strategically to attain areas with the best need.

Mobile Utility Stores
Mobile Utility Stores

Eligibility Criteria

To make certain that help reaches these who want it most, unique eligibility standards have been set up for availing reductions at utility stores cell units. Individuals with a poverty rating of much less than forty and a month-to-month earnings of 60,000 or much less are eligible to advantage from these services.To decide eligibility, men and women can definitely send their National Identity Card variety (without dashes) to 8123 by using textual content message. Upon receipt, they will acquire an SMS notification confirming whether or not they qualify to save at utility stores’ cellular units.


The institution of cell utility shops represents a substantial step toward making sure meals safety and accessibility for all segments of society in Pakistan. By increasing the attain of the Utility Stores Corporation, the authorities demonstrates its dedication to assuaging poverty and addressing the wishes of the most susceptible populations.


How do cell utility shops fluctuate from common utility stores?

Mobile utility shops function on wheels, bringing vital meals objects at once to communities, whereas ordinary shops are stationary outlets.

What kinds of reductions are accessible at utility stores’ cellular units?

Discounts are furnished on more than a few meals items, which includes flour and ghee, to make them greater cheap for low-income households.

Who is eligible to keep at utility stores’ cell units?

Individuals with a poverty rating of much less than forty and a month-to-month earnings of 60,000 or much less can gain from these services.

How can one test their eligibility for utility stores’ cellular units?

By sending their National Identity Card quantity (without dashes) to 8123 by textual content message, men and women can decide their eligibility.

What is the importance of the Ramadan remedy package?

The Ramadan alleviation package deal pursuits to decorate aid for low-income people at some stage in the holy month by way of offering extra reductions on critical meals items.

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