BISP Dynamic Registry For Registration New Update 2024

BISP Dynamic Registry

If you have gone to the BISP office and got your survey registered, but you check your card number on the 8171 web portal, you get the message that you have been registered in the BISP dynamic registry. As a result of the program, This message is not valid, whether you are getting this message within a day or two of the survey or no matter how much time has passed since your survey, just by checking the card, you get the same message that you have been registered in the dynamic registry. If you are not ready for the coffee program then this video is for you.

Card For Verification

BISP Dynamic Registry,Till the time you do not get the message of verification on the web portal or you do not get the message of disqualification, you will not get the money, so in this video I am going to tell you how you can take your card for verification. And how can you get yourself eligible, unless your card goes for verification or you get the message of being eligible, you have no chance of getting the money, so watch this video carefully and understand my words. It is not that you look at one step and skip the other step or you understand that this step is

First Method

He has told us that this is not for our family, we cannot be involved in this and you leave the video and go away, do not do this, you see all the methods that I am going to tell you in this, after that you decide and think. Which method is going to work on our family, through which method we can become Ahal and after that you can use that method to get yourself Ahal, okay so I will tell you total three methods, out of those three methods, you Think about which method is going to work for you, then use that method. Now the first method is

Registered In NADRA

BISP Dynamic Registry,I am going to tell you that if there are children in your family, but when you got the survey done, those children were not registered in NADRA, that is, they were not registered as such or all the children you have were not registered as such. It was for the children, some of it was not done, you got the survey done in a hurry, then what do you have to do now, you have to get the profile of all the children done. It is mandatory for the survey to be done if there are five or more than five members in your family. Then you have chances that you can qualify if less than five

Get Money 

If there are members, then the chances of them becoming eligible are also very less, so you have to guess that one, your wife has become two, apart from that, if you have three children or more than three, then you can get their name made. If you are going to get the survey done or you have already got the survey done then still go and get your roster updated by making their signatures, that is, you can get a little updated in the survey, after that Inshallah your card will go for verification and after some time you You can earn money and you can also get money and if you have used this method then your

Survey Done

BISP Dynamic Registry,You have made a list of all the children you had and then got the survey done. Even after that you have become successful or you do not have children in your family yet, then I am going to tell you another way. The second way is that if you There are less members in the house. You don’t think that you can become an L. If the members in your family are less than five, then you have to use another method. It is possible that in your house some elderly people also live, some mother. -If there are father, mother-in-law, father-in-law or any elderly people then what should you do with them so that you do not make them separate from you.

BISP Dynamic Registry
BISP Dynamic Registry

Number Of Members

BISP Dynamic Registry,Add them and in the survey you tell that they live in our house and they spend on our expenses. If you add them with you then they will also become members of your family and in this way your number of members will increase. You have to do this that You have to have five to six members with you whether they are your children or your parents i.e. anyone who lives above your expenses then your chances of becoming Ahal will increase. So if you feel that someone in your family Elderly people or if you have more than five members then you should use this method and if you do not think that you have enough

Third Method

You may be a member or you may have some chances of becoming an L, then you should do the third method. I will tell you about the third method. If you think that this third method is right for us, then you can also try this third method. The third method that you can use is, ‘Khudan Khasta.’ There is also wages, you get them registered in Nadra, after getting them registered in Nadra, you can register them in Nadra.

BISP Office

BISP Dynamic Registry,Go to BISP office and get them registered, after that your chances of getting eligible will also increase and apart from that, relaxation in score has also been given for laborers, although for a normal person, the limit of score is up to 32. Those who have scored up to 32, those below 32 can be L, if they go above 32 then they become NIL and for Mazur, those who have scored up to 37 can be L if their score is less than 37. If it is 37 then they can be L. When it exceeds 37 then they are nailed then it is beneficial for the laborer if your family

Children or Elder

In any mine, there is no labor, no labor is given to small children or elders, if anyone has labor then it is theirs.Make sure to get registered in NADRA and after that go and get the survey done or if you have already got the survey done then even after that you can get their roster updated, after that Inshallah your card will go for verification and after the verification you will be eligible. Okay, so these were the three methods, use them and lastly I will tell you the fourth method too, that if God is a widow but she has children, then she can register herself in Nadra.

Husband’s Card

BISP Dynamic Registry,After getting her husband’s card canceled after getting her widow’s tax done, she should also submit a report in the BISP office that she is a widow and get her children registered as well, there will be more chances that they will be eligible. But if she does not have children, only she lives alone at home and she is a widow, then she has no chances. She cannot be an Ahal, but if she has children and she is also a widow, then her chances increase. He should also get his wife’s marriage certificated, his children’s nameplates also done, and then get a survey done. 

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