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Dynamic Survey 2024

Dynamic Survey 2024,people who want to get registered in Benazir Ka Falak program but they have to register again and again. But despite this, those people could not participate in this program. For those tamamtar women, in today’s video from last night we will warn them about how they can now get themselves registered through a new survey by the government. AAP Pakistan has given a new program skill through whichAll those women who have been getting themselves registered again and again for the past four to five years have got themselves registered as women, but they are going to belong to the same family as me, if they belong to a different family than me. If you are going to keep it, then today we are going to tell you with 100% guarantee that if you register in the way we are sharing it as you know, then in every case you register in this program and you will also start getting paid Rs 7000. It will be done and you will also start getting scholarship for your children.

Dynamics Survey

So now the Government of Pakistan has released a new survey which is named Dynamics Survey. Those girls will be registered in this program in every way and they will soon become eligible to pay the payment of Rs. 7000. This means that there is a very easy way through which you can join this program. Let us tell you that first of all

 Dynamic Survey 2024
Dynamic Survey 2024

Benazir Income Support Program

The thing is that whatever tehsil you live in, there are offices of Benazir Income Support Program in all the tehsils of Pakistan. Another new desk has been established in the dafatir. A new system has been started for the survey, which is named Dynamics. If you go to the office of survey like Benazir Income Support Program, then you have to go there and go to 10 of the dynamic surveys. There you have to do your original Sonakshi, which should not even be expired and is a nazmi made by a married person, just like you, India is like all the others. You won’t even give your information because you will get all that information from you.

Investigation Is Completed

They will ask in detail how educated you are, how much income you have, how much land you own, whether you own a house, whether you have it on rent or the TFSI you have to give them. Just like you will give it to them as per your knowledge, after that you will have a period of one to one and a half months. Kamal’s internal investigation will start as soon as the investigation is completed, we hope that Inshallah, all the women who are asking for money from me will start getting the payment of Rs. 7000 in every case. As soon as your payment of Rs. 7000 starts, along with it, your children will also get the same. Indraj will also ask you for scholarship, after that you will go to school.Those studying in I will get their children ruled inside, after that your children will also start getting a scholarship of Rs. 4000 per child. We hope that this manmaat will be very suitable for this movement. 

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