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Ehsaas Labour Program 

Friends, Government of Pakistan has announced its Category-4 in the context of Ehsaas Program, under which a separate program has been started whose name is Ehsaas Labour Program. This program is for those people. A crime has been started against those who have been deprived of their jobs due to the coronavirus in recent times, those who have been thrown out of jobs in factories, land only or industrial workers or all the small laborers who earn money on daily basis. were earning or that fish

Press Conference 

Ehsaas Labour Program. Especially if they were getting salary but now they are not able to go, their boss has dismissed them, then in this situation the government has come forward to support such people and these people should also be given Rs 12000. As I told you, is this part of the Ehsaas Emergency Cash Program, is it Category-4? In this regard, PM Khan and Sania Nishtar Saheb, who has been part of the Ehsaas Programme, have also done this press conference and this program has been started regularly every day of the week. was done and hence the portal was never destroyed until

Biometric Work

Ehsaas Labour Program. Now I am showing you here on the screen, wait for two minutes on the Twitter account of Sania Nashtar Sahiba, in that also she has mentioned something in which she has told that the states The Tehsildar has closed down the Karo Na Kafan Ehsaas application portal for the maid of crime and on this, a moratorium of Rs 12000 will be given to the criminals who have been deprived of jobs in these circumstances. There are many people who have become unemployed. Dadi amount will be given, it will be paid through biometric work.

Prime Minister

Basically, the amount that will be spent on Karuna Relief Fund which has been started by Prime Minister Imran Khan will be used for opium. So friends, let me tell you one thing, if you too should apply, God forbid, if you too have become jobless, the current situation is- If you are a recent patient then you can apply, but you will have to keep some things in mind that if someone else in your family has taken benefit from us till now i.e. those who were in the last three categories, ambulance staff, village, satin etc. You did not apply for the 12,000 rupees program that you were getting, so you did not spend the money.

Ehsaas Labour Program 
Ehsaas Labour Program

ID Number

Ehsaas Labour Program. So you are not ineligible for this, the second thing is that whatever record you have will be verified from Agra and only after doing digital watch there, if you buy this velvet then only Rs 12000 will be given to you. It will be seen that no one is registered in your name. You are not much, you have a car, you don’t have a bungalow, you don’t have a bank balance, all these things, your mobile number will be qualified from your ID number, then only those people who are really eligible are poor and have got the job. You will be given the details of Rs 12000 and let me tell you one more important thing that if whatever was said earlier

Ehsaas Program 

If you have now liked the Ehsaas program and you have taken an oath to investigate, it has happened that your known ideals are being investigated, after which a decision will be taken about you that you will be thrown out. Otherwise, those people who have received the message that they are hungry under investigation can apply for this program, they will get this, they can apply in full and apart from this, if they have been given the message that they have to come first, whatever they have, that will come later. It will be told in italics whether there is only life or not, then such people too

Complete Form

You can apply by taking the complete form, friends, it is a very simple method, I will tell you how to apply, but friends, you will be requested to continue the video in the month of April. If you are on the channel for the first time, please subscribe to this channel. So that you can keep getting Mitti videos on Robin, then friends, do this simple thing, you go to Google and here, if you want, there is a website of PMO and search for it, there is a PM who doesn’t website, you come to this website. Here you will see that you will see the option of realizing the number.

Mobile Number

You click and this page will open for you as if it is made with the support of sleep and you can come to direct 20. The person labeled ‘Ehsaas’ is again on the space. The simple thing to do is that you have written here. That if your employment has been affected in the current situation and you have not created employment through your own hands i.e. under anyread-understanding sequence program, then register here to meet the Corporate Relief Fund of Alarm, then friends, what you have to do is that you have You have to enter your identity card number and then enter your mobile number.

Mosque Message

Have to enter mobile operator means why is your face sad number 2 have to do time and have this phone captured help us here and after that you have to enter the code given in the picture and you have to click on the confirm button. So when you do, your data will be lost and whatever your government is will be deposited and after half the grid failure of Edison, you will get a mosque message or how to take your money, just like I told you, bar matriculation verification. You will do it and after that you will get it in the markets, then the mosque operation will be stopped by the opposition’s if anyone in your family has such a policy and has become jobless due to the current situation, then he can visit this web portal.

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