Significant Update: Ehsaas Panagah Program 2024 (In-Depth Overview)

Significant Update: Ehsaas Panagah Program 2024 (In-Depth Overview)

Introduction Amid Pakistan’s economic challenges and rising inflation rates, the government has introduced the Ehsaas Panagah Program 2024. This initiative aims to cater to the basic needs of the population, particularly focusing on providing food, shelter, and essential amenities for the homeless.

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Locating the Nearest Panagah For individuals seeking accommodation at Musafir Khanas while traveling to other cities, identifying the nearest Ehsaas center is vital. Follow these straightforward steps to find the closest center:

  1. Visit the official website at
  2. Access the “Ehsaas Centers” section for the latest updates.
  3. Enter your city and tehsil details.
  4. Select the desired program from the options provided.
  5. Click “Search” to view the list of centers, along with contact information for relevant staff members.
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Objective of the Ehsaas Panagah Program The primary objective of the Ehsaas Panagah Program is to provide shelter to homeless and impoverished citizens across Pakistan. Through the establishment of designated Panagahs or shelters, the government aims to ensure access to essential necessities such as food, accommodation, and security for those in need.

Panagah Locations The impact of the Panagahs established under the Ehsaas Panagah Program has been substantial. Five Panagahs located in the capital have collectively served 482,030 individuals, providing meals to 425,357 people and shelter to 56,673 individuals. The five Panagah locations include:

  • Bara Kahu
  • Mandi Mor
  • Peshawar Mor
  • Tarlai
  • Tarnol
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Eligibility Criteria Various groups are eligible to benefit from the Ehsaas Panagah Program, including:

  • Homeless individuals
  • Vulnerable laborers and daily wage earners
  • Stranded travelers
  • Women and children
  • Senior citizens
  • Victims of disasters
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Purpose of the Panagah The Ehsaas Panagah Program is driven by several key objectives, including:

  • Providing emergency shelter and protection
  • Offering nutritious meals and clean drinking water
  • Fostering community development and mitigating inflation
  • Facilitating long-term transformation, promoting health, and encouraging access to medical facilities
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Conclusion As Pakistan’s urban population continues to grow and new challenges arise, initiatives like the Ehsaas Panagah Program play a crucial role in supporting vulnerable segments of society. By addressing the immediate needs of the homeless and needy, the program contributes to social welfare and resilience during challenging times.

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