Ehsaas Aghosh Program Payment Start Again Today Update

Aghosh Program Payment

Well, friends, I keep making good Article on Ehsaas Program, Benazir Income Support Program and all the poor friends Aghosh Program Payment. so friend, I can reach you easily today.The topic on which I am going to discuss with you, first of all, let me tell you that the installment of Rs. 0500 was expected on Monday but today it is not coming, it has been delayed. The installment of Rs. 0500 which is not coming to you and me. I have come to know from Jaray that it can be an up and down date. I tell you that there is no authentic thing. Authentic thing happens when you perform a thing. Before you perform a thing, I share with you all the excitement that Jaray has. The installment of ₹ 500 is done by extending its date as per what was told to us now.

Birth of The Child

Aghosh Program Payment It has come to know that you will get it on the day of Jumaraat. Inshallah Suma Inshallah 29th February, I think the date is when you will go and you will get it. So this was the news that I wanted to share with you people. Along with that, today I have to tell you about the Gush program of the Agosh program. The payment which is there has been extended, it has been increased by ₹. Earlier, the amount you were getting every three months from pregnancy till the birth of the child was ₹, now you will get it from pregnancy till the birth of the child. ₹2000000 has been increased by 00 to the amount of 2000

Tehsil Office

Instead of now, you will get ₹ 2500000 every three months till the birth of your child. What do you have to do for this? Your close ones, your Tehsil Head Quarter Hospital or District Head Quarter Hospital, whichever of the two is yours. The pass is available in whatever is nearby, there is a counter like Nasha Markaz or Agosh program, there is a counter in every tehsil office, so you have to take the child there, that is, if you are pregnant, then the injections etc. are given to you. The card and along with it an ultrasound of yours which you have done in which

Aghosh Program Payment
Aghosh Program Payment

ID Card Number

Aghosh Program Payment You have come to know that you are pregnant, you have to take that card to the ultrasound and after going there you have to get the entry done with your ID card number. After making the entry, immediately transfer Rs. 00 to your account. They will be given if you take that means and they will also give you the rest of the dosage etc. It will be of one cotton dose, you will have those small packets, out of which you will eat 90 packets on regular basis, one packet daily. And those 90 empty vapers will have their wrappers. You will have to visit the hospital next.

Next Payment 

Aghosh Program Payment At that time you have to take it with you, you have to deposit it there, your next payment will also come and you will also get the next dose, this was the method, if you are pregnant and your child has not been born yet, then in that situation, if you You are pregnant and your child is also born, meaning if a boy or a girl is born, then you will be given Rs. 000 every three months, that is, until he reaches the age of one and a half years. If a daughter is born, then you will be given Rs. 000. Will give after every three months till the age of one and a half years, then if the child is born, after that you will also know about this program.

Vaccination Card

It is clear that there is this program too, so what do you have to do? You have to take the vaccination card of the child, you have to get the child’s birth form made, you have to take it with you and you have to take the child along with you, there and there. If you do a checkup and then weigh the child, the payment will still be credited to your account. This will be your regular payment for the duration of approximately two to two and a half years, that is, from pregnancy till the time your onward child turns one and a half years old. Till then, if you keep getting this payment, please get it registered in it, Benazir.

Benazir Income Support Program

Only those beneficiaries of the Income Support Program Ehsaas Kafal Program who receive the money can be eligible for it. Apart from that, no other beneficiary is eligible under this Benazir Income Support Program Ehsaas Kafal Program, only those beneficiaries who have recovered at least one installment are eligible. Yes, she can join this program. Apart from her, no one else can join this program, then try to find out that the women who are taking money from Benazir Income Support Program and she is L in this criteria or she is pregnant or he means hisIf the children are below the age of one and a half years, then please inform them. Tell them that this is a sadaqa issued that if you have to share this kind of information, then please inform them. If any of you are my mother or sister who is coming under this criteria. If yes, then it is mandatory to join this program so that you can be satisfied with it. so for them, let me tell you that this video has come, 

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