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Nashonuma Program 2024 

Nashonuma Program 2024, I am here with another amazing and new video and in today’s amazing video, I am going to tell you what is Benazir Muslim Program and how you can take 2500 rupees from it, how to get your child registered, all the details.only then you will get half of the sale, see here, this is the plan of the government, Pakistan and the World Food Program are the same channel, which This program continues And since the beginning of Benazir Income Support Program, this program is going on, its registration will be done at the center and I will tell you all the details of how you will take the money. There are two ways to take the money, from ATM and from the center.For detailed method, then you will also get the cell etc. but before that

Children Program

then friends can see here that the registration in the village is going on and the people who are in it will be eligible for their 18. Make the children less than Ma feel shameless from Nadra and without that, the children’s program Indraj is not possible. You have to do this first, this is what Hamla Khawa, three will also get this amount and will also get the dosage. You have to give the B form of your child to them. First of all, what do you have to do for those whose child has already been born and

Gtting Supplements 

Nashonuma Program 2024 ,His age is less than 18 months, his shameless father will take it, okay then you will benefit, here you can also see a lot of news about three people, they are getting supplements and money from it, so you will also get it here, on the basis of proof. I am showing you, okay, so you will know about the centers that have been created like this, where you will find these centers, see here, this is the center where your registration is done and see this one here. And there is a center which is doing reduction here and whatever registration is being done here, so all the children you have are fine.

Bank Alfalah

Children aged between 18 months and up to 18 months, you can get them registered and take their money. The way to take the money is that after registration, your process will start and these are the devices of Bal and Bank Alfalah. And you can easily take this amount from ATM or you can take this amount from the center, see here, this is a force’s ATM machine, you can also take money from this, so for registration, they have such an application of Mission Uma. What is available here is searched from its issue, so the beneficiary does not have to install this application, this is what they have.

Agosh Program

Where you will go for registration, this is your Dahi Markaz, where you mean delivery cases etc., these are present there by Markaz or whatever you mean now, which is a big hospital, it is the headquarters, understand it as GHK or Headquarters. You can also go to your big district hospital and take this amount. Now this amount which is Rs. 17000, you will get it. Okay, this is also the name of the Aosh program and whatever this is, there is a program there too, so see Hamla Khawati here. And your famous case of Rs 17000 released under the Agosh program for lactating people will be made available.

Program For Punjab

Nashonuma Program 2024, And 75000 poor and needy songs will be given to the Gharana which is the produce of 72000, how can they be remembered, 72000 will be given to you as well and this program is for the whole country, this is a program for Punjab and the rest is for Ram. This is good for the entire country. This amount will be given to you in the context of IBTI education of 34 more children in government schools and 11 favorite areas of Punjab will be included in it, which is three per month. They will be given ₹ 1000 and ₹ 3000 will be paid if the child is less than 2 years old.

Nashonuma Program 2024 
Nashonuma Program 2024

Mobile Phone

For children of eight years of age to get themselves a mobile phone, that is ₹ 1000. If you get the child’s birth certificate made from the Union Council and submit it, then you will get ₹ 2000. Okay, so the details of the amount are that it is ₹ 1000 on the first mobile phone and ₹ 1000 in the second mobile phone. But on 10th month, on 10th and 4th month, Rs. 1000 and if you go directly to the nearest center which is yours, then you will get Rs. 3000 and during the first 3 months, you will keep getting this amount in the same way. Total you will get Rs. 17000 which is in continuation of this program. An amount of Rs. 10,000 will be given and the packets of supplements available to your children will also be given.

Complete Details

Nashonuma Program 2024, So for registration, you have to go to Jain in the nearest hospital or Markazite and whatever is there, you will be given this amount, you will also get ₹ 2000 earning stipend which is for girls and you will also get ₹ 1500. Okay, so in the same way you can also take this amount. I have told you the complete details of the method, there are 9 districts, there are 337 solutions and the Marathi ones which have been made are fine, the amount ranging from Rs 2000 to Rs 17000, you can take this form, see here, this form is there, you can take it. You also have to complete this form, the registration book, which is available at the place where children are born.

Website of Nadra

There your pre form will be done. If ok then you will see Jain on the nearest marquis here. You will be given token b form.The fee is the normal fee, if you are a children’s vet, this fee is written and this is the website of Nadra, you can get the forms etc. for your children, all the tehsil method is here, which will not be changed, whatever is there, it will be given to the person in this program. If you will not be included in it, then I tell you that if you take your BA form etc., you will also get this dose and the amount of Rs 17000 will also be given, not at once but from time to time as I have told you, you will get this.

Helpline Number

Nashonuma Program 2024, If you get the amount of Rs 17000, then hopefully friends you would have liked this beneficial video very much and if you want to enjoy it, then I will tell you the helpline number also, you can contact on that also, you will be told the complete tehsil method. Or I will also show you the website and tell you so that you can access it on the website also, you get an amount so that the children who become weak due to lack of Vijayi, this program was started to end this thing. So friends, its website is, you can go to it.

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