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CNIC Check Online

CNIC Check Online,you can also apply for Nigehban card for ₹ 1, what will be the method of registration in it and how will you also be able to register yourself in it and how many times in a year you will be given ₹ 1 and while ₹ Installment of Rs. 5000000 will be released i.e. from which day will this installment start being credited to your account and from where will you be able to recover this payment and while a very good news has come for the new survey takers and its Apart from this, how can you be eligible for the Rs. 000 program, then share the complete details with you.

New Scheme 

CNIC Check Online,Sir, regarding the new scheme of Rs 0500 which is to be started, let us tell you all that this will be the second installment, you have already recovered the first installment, then the second installment is to be started in the month of May, so as you all know that If the month of May is going on, then this installment will be paid to you within this month itself, so in this month, not only you could not get the previous payment of ₹ 1500000, then along with this new payment, you will also be able to get your old payment. So let us tell you that generally you will be able to withdraw this payment only after 15th May and whereas for the new survey takers and all the regular

Nigahban Card Program

CNIC Check Online,This is also a big good news for the beneficiary, first of all, they will get Rs. 0500 but apart from this, they will also be included in the Nigahban Card Program, under which you will get the help of ₹ 1, so first of all you will get the help of Nigahban Card Program. Let us tell you that the duration of this program will be for 5 years, that is, what I mean to say is that this Nigahban card will be valid for you for 5 years, so the families who will get the help of Rs. 000 under this program, let us tell you all. That every family will be satisfied with this help thrice a year i.e. our saying

CNIC Check Online
CNIC Check Online

Benazir Kafalat Program

CNIC Check Online,This means that after every four months you will be given this amount of ₹ 1 Haj, so let us tell you that after the success of the Nigahban Ration Program, the Nigahban Card has also been introduced from now onwards, so on behalf of the Punjab Government, 64 lakh people Will be confirmed under this program i.e. card and if the total calculation of these five years is done then it will be a financial assistance of Rs 37 billion which will be distributed among all the people on behalf of the government of Pakistan, so a complete investigation will be done in this regard. Later, only those people will be included in it who are already included in the Benazir Kafalat Program.

New Registration 

CNIC Check Online,And the government will also determine the extent of your poverty because your data is already available from the government of Pakistan and those people who already had Benazir card or Ehsaas card will also be included in this program. Since the data is already available from Pakistan side, no method of new registration has been kept in this program by the government nor has any new portal been released for registration in this program, so the government is already aware of this. If the data is available then you can also be included in this program.

New Code 

CNIC Check Online,Will be taken and you will also be given an amount of Rs. 000 from this program in the coming time and those people who have already got their survey done will also be included in this program, so let us tell you that after the new registration. If a new code or a new web portal has not been launched for this, then we have shared with you the criteria given by the government for this in the video, so if someone tells you that your registration will be done through such and such link. In Hogi Niban Card Program, you keep telling everyone that this is not at all the case, that is why we are making this video.

Identity Card 

I am already telling you that you should not click on any link for its registration and while the government of Pakistan has set a code of 8800 for registration in the solar scheme, then for registration in this program you can send your identity card to 8800. You can do it by sending and apart from this, while you will get a separate amount of ₹ 66000, all the people having Himmat Elderly Card will be given financial assistance of ₹ 6000, so such people can get their amount of ₹ 000 Till then take care of yourself

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